Thank You Sweden

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hello friends!
Happy Thursday! I am finally back from Sweden and feeling back to normal after a week of amazing classes and teaching! I had the opportunity to go back to Sweden, and I must say, what a beautiful country. I had the chance of visiting different cities and I got to see much more of what Sweden is. Truly a stunning country and an unforgettable experience. I got to meet so many people, and I am so LUCKY to do what I do. I simply love meeting new people, hearing their stories, and seeing their smiles at the end of my classes. It's truly the most rewarding thing for me, ever. So, I would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who came to my classes, and to Hobby World who sponsored my tour. I wanted to give you a little re-cap of the places I visited (warning photo heavy):

I started my trip from Los Angeles to Sweden. Took a few planes, it was a long trip but so worth it.

I began classes at Pyssloteket in Stockholm a wonderful shop who had a wonderful group of ladies, and the owner is absolutely wonderful!

I then took a flight to Örnsköldsvik with the store Scraphuset, a wonderful town with a wonderful history, and truly breathtaking scenery. The ladies there were so wonderful, fun and so full of energy! Class didn't end until 1 in the morning! They were brave and stayed the whole time!

Next stop was Porlinsblomman in Halmstad, and this store was a 6 hour drive! I have to say it was a great drive, full of so much to see! Truly breathtaking WOW! I met some truly talented people there, and everyone was so wonderful!

Next, I went to Pysselskafferiet with the wonderful shop owner Stina, her store in Gånghester was so adorable! Loved it! A sweet group of students and so much to see too! I even went shopping in her darling store!

Finally, I got to go back to Stockholm and visit Pyssloteket again for a second time! This time for the La Mer album. I got a chance to see my Cartographer Collection in stores, it's so exciting. 

Well there you have it! It was such a great experience, and again, THANK YOU everyone who made this possible. I am so grateful to everyone who attends my classes, and I want you to know that you make ME happy! This has always been my dream and I really appreciate Prima, and everyone who believes in me with all of their hearts. I hope to come back to Sweden again soon!

Until next time,


  1. I loved to make this album. I'm so grateful to meet you in Örnsköldsvik. I will never forget how fun it was!! You so welcome back to Sweden. <3

  2. It was a day filled with true happiness and It will bubbel in my soul for a looooong loooong time. Don't have enough words just 💖

  3. Thanks too you I had the best day of my life :)

  4. So much fun to meet you and to participate in your awsome class in Örnsköldsvik. Thank you for a great day that lasted until the next day. Hope you come back to us in Sweden again.

  5. Looks soooooooo fun! LOVING the photos!!!!!

  6. Thank you! It was awesome! /Anna

  7. Hi Frank...loved this post and I am so happy to see how far you've come... in the scrapping arena. Congrats.. wow; what a great experience for you. Diana


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