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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hello Everyone!
Happy April! it seems it's been ages since I have posted but I promise to post more often now. I have a bit more time and I will be working on some more exciting projects coming up in the next couple of months! First off I will be at The Paper Niche teaching 3 class on April 26, 27 and 28! Pretty exciting stuff, visit their website for more details. I will also be teaching in May at The Scrapbook Store in Wisconsin! Again teaching some fun, fun classes! I am so excited to be there! I will also be on Live With prima again on April 15th teaching a small little paper bag album! I found the cutest albums at Target, so inexpensive and I cannot wait to show you!

Fun little book! I can't wait to show you all how to do it! Also that frame on the front, so much fun! I recently taught my La Vie II class at Custom Impressions and I wanted to share some re-cap photos of how it went! We had a blast!

Fun fun huh? I cannot wait to come and teach some more classes with my Cartographer Collection! Stay tuned for some more projects I am working on! I am so excited!

Until then....


  1. Lovely Frank :) What a pretty album!


  2. Wish you would come to a store near me!

  3. Such a gorgeous collection!!! And love love love the fun photos from your class!!!!!!!


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