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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Happy March friends!

It's March and it's beginning to look like Spring here in Southern California. I have to say I like it because we get (some) rain here and there, and that is definitely scrapbooking weather for me. This past weekend we had some nice rain and I was inspired to create with my Cartographer Collection. I have a Live With Prima show coming up this Tuesday March 11th, I created this lovely mini album as a follow up to my La Vie series that has been so popular, take a look:

I just love this little mini, the flowers from my Cartographer collection are just to DIE for! I love the dark tones, and the gold touches just make me shake! I also added a cute little ribbon charm to the side, and I think it adds a little personality don't you think? Love the little touches like the resins, metal clips and more! That closure is also to die for! I also used our new Color Bloom Sprays on the resins, and that added some lovely color! Make sure to tune in on Tuesday March 11th for this fun show! Here is the link:

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  1. Frank it's awesome! Fantanstic mini album!

  2. This is gorgeous! LOVING the flowers!! And PS ... thanks for sending the rain to AZ *wink* :)

  3. У Вас очень красивые работы, я покорена вашим творчеством!

  4. Love love love, and excited you up on live creating this or anything actually. Can not wait!!!

  5. Looking forward to Tuesday and LWP. Can't wait to see how you put this darling little mini together! Thank you for sharing all your creativity, Frank!!

  6. While you scrapped I was in the Big Apple fuhreeeeezing :) I just can't do,cold no more! Love this Frank, I need to pick up this collection. Always inspiring :)


  7. Just watched the video on this. Amazing! - and as always, beautiful and inspiring. The wheels are already turning on ways to make it my own. I KNEW there was a reason I bought the entire collection - twice! Can NOT wait till you're in Sunny South Florida!

  8. Love the book, loved the show.. we're turning it in to a kit for sure - just putting the ices together. Thanks for the inspiration as always!

  9. Hi Frank! I bought some Prima Flowers last Friday. I googled Prima, looked at every thing. Fell in "Love" with their new paint sprays! Next looked at the "Design Team". I fell in "LOVE with YOU,
    Frank and your "Beautiful Art"! Frank your blog is an artist's "Dream Blog"! Every inch of your blog
    is "Wonderful'! I have spent hours looking at every thing. I can hardly wait to look at your videos!
    I want toknow whatglues and resins you use?
    If you ever come to Salt Lake City I want to take one of your classes! You should think about doing a book! You should also look into having your journals pblished in "Stampngton Art Magizanes"! I will be 64 April 1st and I am in 28 "Somerset Art" magazines! xo a fan

  10. Another gorgeous piece of art! My kit should be here today....I can't wait!


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