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Friday, July 5, 2013

Hi Everyone!
Happy July!
I cannot believe another month has gone by! It went by quick! I can tell that it's full on with Summer, it has been HOT here! Well I wanted to catch up with everyone as I was away on a road trip the last couple of days. I was asked to teach at Scrapbook Paradise in Reno Nevada as well as in Scrapbook Island in San Jose California. I was truly excited at the idea of taking a road trip to these places, especially because my bestie Jodie Lee would be coming along. Our road trip began in Jodie's home in Miraloma CA! We decided to drive over there simply because we had so much product to take with us and well, because we also had tons of goodies and fun stuff for our students. Jodie decided that if this was going to be a real road-trip we should write on the car so people knew where we were heading:

Well that's a nice little virtual roadtrip isn't it? I had so much fun, thank you to Laura from Scrapbook Paradise for being such a sweetheart, and Laurie for having us at her store as well. The best thing I enjoyed from this roadtrip (aside from traveling with my bestie) was meeting the wonderful people. It's amazing how these people can bring me such happiness. They remind me of why I love what I do so much and why scrapbooking is an amazing industry to be in. Each and every person that attended my classes, THANK YOU. You are loved. Seriously.

I leave you with a sneak of one of my projects for Summer CHA. Of course its using the new Jodie Lee Delight Collection. Its awesome. Beautiful. Gorgeous. Amazing. I mean its just WOW. My all time favorite, even though Jodie may say I always say that about every line she makes LOL.

Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Yall are the cutest couple of besties. Love to see your adventures and so enjoy your live classes. There isn't really anything for my art in my part of the world so online is it, and so love the community I've found. Can not wait to see your creations with new products. PS Still waiting on the Frank and Jodie collection.

  2. Lucky class participants! I wish we had something like that around here! Enjoyed seeing the photos of your trip.

  3. Loving the photos!! Looks like a ton of fun!! Hope to see you at CHA!! :)

  4. It's looks that you have much fun in your trip. Very beautiful pics and gorgeous proyects.
    Higs, Zulma

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  6. You 2 have great chemistry and it is only because you truly love each other so much. Thanks for sharing your friendship...hope you didn't get into trouble the other day while filming for Ustream. Lol. Ya'll were hilarious!!

  7. How jealous am I that you two had an amazing road trip. Great photos, the next best thing to being there. And your Jodie sneak peek has got me all excited to see what you've created. Can't wait for the full reveal. Pxx

  8. Looks like an awesome trip and fun for all! Loved your photos! Hugs my friend!

  9. OMG...The two of you are hysterical and Oh So Adorable!!!! Looks like you both had an awesome trip!!

  10. Loved taking the virtual trip with you Frank. I just know the ladies in the classes had a blast. Love all the pics, thanks.

  11. Thank you Frank! We loved having you and cant wait to see you and Jodie again! Everyone just loved you guys! We miss you already! Thank you for all of your hard work and all the inspiration you brought to our craft room!
    Scrapbook Paradise


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