Christmas Ornament With Prima

Monday, November 19, 2012

Hello Everyone!
Frank here sharing some nice Holiday cheer! For me the most exciting thing about Christmas is the tree of course. Every year I go out and buy ornaments for my tree, it has always been a gold themed tree with gold colored ornaments. This year though, I decided to make a little ornament of my own. We sometimes have a few leftover flowers, or maybe a small embellishment or two left and cannot find a way to use it. Here is a nice and simple tutorial on making your own Christmas Ornament Prima style.

First here are some supplies you will need:

Prima Supplies:
#561383 Interlude White Flowers
#547424 Precious Metals Col Gilded
#891480 Fly Away Resin Birds
#560010 Zephyr Trinkets

Also these items you can find at your local craft store:

Clear glass or plastic ornament, fairy dust, and super gloss heavy gel, glitter

  • Begin by taking your plastic ornament and pouring some glitter inside of it. You can choose any color you like. I just chose gold because it's my favorite. 
  • You can also add a bit of the fairy dust inside too. This is basically fine broken up glass. It has a very beautiful shimmer.
  • Next, take your super gloss gel medium, this has a thick matte consistency but dries clear. Using a brush, cover the bottom half of the ornament with this gel. Make sure to give it a thick coat.
  • Pour some fairy dust onto a glitter tray. Take your ornament and cover the gel medium with this dust. Make sure to cover it completely.
  • Next, let this completely dry. Depending on the temperature it will take a few hours to completely dry. Once it is clear it's dry.
  • Take your leftover embellies and begin layering your flowers, leaves and the resin.
  • Finally tie a nice bow and hang on your tree! Watch as the fairy dust leaves a beautiful shimmer effect with the lights of the tree!

Have fun!


  1. Beautiful & elegant. Hope you'll share photos of your decorated tree this year :) I can imagine it looks exquisite in your creative hands Px

  2. LOVE the white and bling! as Paul says, I insist on you sharing piccies of your decorated tree! I am sure it will dazzle us all as does this totally de luxe ornament! xox

  3. nice! love to see your Christmas tree!

  4. This is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!!! I loveeeeeeeeee the flowers!!!

  5. Frank your pictures dont shows its true beauty! Beautiful!,,

  6. Frank, that's really pretty! I love the little white birds with the gold leaves! So elegant looking! I would love a bunch of them on my tree!!!

  7. Beautiful ornament. Very elegant. tfs

  8. супер!!! я в восторге )))


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