Memory Box + Guest Designer!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy Monday Everyone!
Hope your weekend was filled with crafty fun!
I am so excited to be working on samples for my upcoming Prima classes! I have a few in the works but I thought I would show you one of them today. I call it a small memory box. It hold small pictures, tags, cute findings, I mean the possibilities are endless!
Take a look:

Isn't it cute? I love the accordion center! I put some craft tags in there, they are 4inches wide so I almost feel like doing some mini layouts on them! Tell me, would YOU take a class to learn how to make this box? I would love to hear from you!

SO I am also SUPER excited because Ingvild Bolme has featured me as a Guest Designer on her blog! I am over the moon, once again! She also interviewed me! I love her products and designs she is an amazing designer!
Make sure to stop by her blog and leave me some love!
Click on her name!

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  1. Ooh I'm going straight over to Ingrid's blog after writing this!!!! Love your accordion book/box and yes i'd definitely take a class to learn how to make it. I know i have the crafty skills to knock up something like it myself but when someone's invented the wheel already, why try to do it again. You've learnt all the tricks for putting it together and worked out all the measurements. It would save me having to do that. And besides, no matter how hard i try, I could never give it that elegant touch of magic you bring to your projects. Pxx

  2. Frank, I love the little memory box. I would love to know how you made it and a peek at the tags would be awesome :-)

  3. I love this, Frank! Did you make the box itself? This is fantastic! Wish I lived nearby~~would definitely take a course or two or three...

  4. Ooops! Almost forgot to say congrats on being featured at Ingvild's blog. Great first choice of a guest designer!

  5. First of all congrats on the GD!! that's amazing!! secondly that box looks amazing!! love love the idea

  6. Love that sweet memory box! I would definitely take the class if I was a wee bit closer....

  7. I saw your guest post at Ingvild's blog and had to pop right over. Wow! I really love this box! Your work is just amazing. Thanks for sharing it with me and now I'm going to go and read your old posts and see your work.

  8. Hi Frank wow this is so divine and creative .. love your choice of colors, and I adore all altered art and anything mini ... such awesome work .
    I am a friend of Steph Devlin in Australia . we teach at the same store .
    warm hugz and keep up your fabulous inspiring work, thanks for sharing .

  9. This memory box is great. I love the timepiece and the piano keys on the front.
    The jute strings sticking out of the tags looks so inviting in that you just want to sit down and pull the tags out to have a peek!

  10. Hiya Frank! This is the cutest thing ever!! I love every little detail, I think it would make a fantastic class ;0)

  11. Congrats on being featured and YES I would take this class!

  12. This is GORGEOUS!! I love love love love the flowers and the piano keys are fabulous!!! And congrats on guest blogging!! That is sooooooooo awesome!!!

  13. Hi Frank...of course I would love a class on this sweet mini! Now don't forget about us living not that close!

  14. For sure I would take a class from you. That is just adorable.

    Congrats on the guest designer and I am so not surprised. You are super talented and I still think you are going to go far.

    Keep up the awesome work.

  15. Congratulations on the GDT spot on Ingvild's blog! Well deserved! And I LOVE your memory box...just perfectly lovely!

    All the best,

  16. Frank you Memory Box is beautiful and YES, I would take a class to learn to make this!!! Congrats on your DT at Ingvild's, your pages there are GORGEOUS! You are so talented and so deserving of your work being showed off, congrats hon and keep up the great work!
    Crafty Hugs,

  17. I LOVE this! You should license a version to me, so I could teach the OKC class! lol You could be a CHAIN!

  18. I just wandered over from Ingvild's blog and fell in love. Congrats on being GD, you deserve it. I love your style and that memory box is just beautiful, I would so love to make one. I think your blog has just made the top of my fav blogs list.

  19. hello from the netherlands
    I found your blog through the blog of Invild and I am so glad I have found you , oh wow you also make gorgeous crafts and you inspire me to make them
    I am now a new follower and hope to learn more and more from your style of scrapping for my foto layouts

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