Project W020: Grungy Flip Tea-Dyed Journal

Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy Friday!
I am super happy today not only because I have a new Project W but because I am going to see Cirque Du Soleil tonight with the dh.... omg!!! So exciting! I have been wanting to go so badly and now I will! Wish me luck! Did I mention I LOVE canvas? Yes, yes I do and I especially love the way canvas works with any mediums, say gesso, glimmer mist and tons of love? I simply love how this journal came out! Take a look! Warning, picture overload ;)

Look at those dyed sheets of paper? Neat huh! You will not believe how I did it, super simple!

YUM! Lots of gesso, mists and fun! I had very inky fingers after this but it was all well worth it! This is a special gift for someone who I will reveal on Sunday, I hope that person likes it as much as I enjoyed making it! 
Now here are your project sheets!

Hope you try it out!!! Well I am off to get all ready for tonight, need to find my outfit! lol Thank You so much for stopping by and for your wonderful comments.

Please visit Jodie's Etsy for all the Nature Garden goodies used in this project sheet



  1. Beautiful. The tutorial is fantastic too! This journal is gorgeous from one page to the next.

  2. This is soooooooooo GORGEOUS Frank!! I love love love the colors and all that amazing texture!!! And have fun at Cirque!! You are going to LOVE it!! I saw the Michael Jackson Cirque in Las Vegas in December... BEST show EVER!!!!!

  3. Frank, you are amazing!!! This is over the top gasp worthy stunning & you've been generous enough to show us how!!!!!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh My Goodness! I go away for a fortnight and suddenly there's a stunning grunge styled book!!!! Has the world gone upside down lol. It's absolutely gorgeous and so not the style I was expecting from you. You definitely rock it though!!!! As fo Cirque de Soleil I can understand your excitement. They are one of my favourites, I've seen them a couple of times and nearly wet myself with excitement. I've even got a box set of DVDs of their shows. Have an AMAZING time! You lucky guys. Let us know all about it. All the details on your blog please lol. Pxxxxxx

  5. OMG.... I just LOVE it, and I know she will too!!!! Thank you for showing us how you created this amazing album. BTW I love the concept you use for your step by step instuctions. Have an awesome time Frank!!!!!

  6. Awwwww Franklin! I love this! I really like the way the tags are, inside, too!- I want to try stamping into gesso, now. I'll let you know how it turns out, if I can actually manage to drag myself out of bed.


  7. Goodness Querida!!! She is going to LOVE it!!!! I love it!!! Your technique is just so awesome!! Thank you for the step by step!! You Rock my scrappy world!!Have fun tomorrow!!

  8. Hi Frank....again; fabulous creativity from you. Your tuts are so professional. Thank you for sharing them and your wonderful work.

  9. It was great to actually see this album in person today at Prima Headquarters! :) ... and of course, great meeting you too Frank!

  10. this is to die for its just unbelievable rub some talent on to me lol


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