Project W010: Double Mini-Waterfall Card

Friday, May 18, 2012

Happy Friday Everyone!!
I am so happy to say Finals are over and I am back to crafting as normal!
I have missed my crafting table a lot! Didn't get a lot done this week, but I gotta say this Project W is my favorite one yet! I love how this turned out! This card was made using the beautiful Prima Fairy Belle Collection by the amazing Jodie Lee, I love being part of her Creative Team! Take a look:

Now I know it looks like two cards, but in reality it is only ONE! I love the look of this card because of all the cute flaps on it, where you can write messages, place pictures, or add cute knick knacks! Some more details...

Awesome isnt  it? Want to make your own? Well of course! Here is the Project Sheet for this week!

Enjoy! Prima Fairy Belle was designed by Jodie Lee, if you would like to purchase this gorgeous collection please visit Jodie's Etsy Shop at

Thank You! Have a good weekend!



  1. You are on fire this week Frank! This is your best tutorial to date so far. Absolutely stunning. It's just screams vintage elegance at you. I adore those lift up flaps with the frilly edges and the pearl drop border is flawless. It's a gift for us all that you now have more time to craft :) Pxx

  2. Gorgeous Frank - love the double card and project sheet! Such a gorgeous project!

  3. Wow, so amazing Frank! I really love this! Such a creative concept. You have me dying to get out my papers and actually create something with them! I might just do that this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration and all the hard work you put into the tutorial here to show us how to do it as well!

    You're so talented Frank, and I can't wait wait to meet you one day soon!

  4. So so professional, your blog and projects are! This card is beautiful!!


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