Project W006: Gesso & Distress Technique

Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy Friday!
Iv'e had a rough week! Got sick with a sore throat and I am not loving it! It's the weather, SoCal weather is so crazy, hot, and cold and everything in between! It's all good though, cannot complain because I still have your project sheet for today and I had so MUCH fun making it!!! This layout was made for my Basically Bare post, and I decided to use it for my Project Sheet as well. Loved working with this layout and all the techniques on it check it out:

Aren't those Basically Bare embellishments just fab? That frame is just delish! Loved working with it, you can find more information on the Basically Bare products HERE.

Here is your project sheet, hope you enjoy it and THANK YOU for downloading it and trying it out, and all the comments I am receiving for these project sheets keep me going! I appreciate all the feedback!

Get creative this weekend! Love you all! Have a great one!


  1. Hey Frank, hope you feel better soon. You guys do have some crazy weather out there. We went last June on vacation and it was so cold we had to go by sweaters. My son was so mad at me for not checking the weather before I packed but I'm mean really...I would have NEVER thought it would be in the 50s in June. By June we're already hitting the high 90s in TX. Anyway, beautiful layout as always ;D

  2. Fantastic tutorial Frank - where on earth do you find the time!!!! And, as always, a gorgeous layout. I'm always gobsmacked by how masterful you are at layering your work. Brilliant!! Pxx

  3. LOVE the technique and beautiful LO are oozing with creativity!

  4. This is so great!!!

    I'm gonna try it out! I've been needing a lesson on what to do with this bucket of gesso that I bought!



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