Project W005: Layering 101 Part 2; Adding Layers

Friday, April 13, 2012

Hi Everyone!
Happy Friday!
I have not been around much this week! I am so sorry!!! I have been busy with school, and work. I have  12 page paper to finish up for my class and that has taken up most of my time!!! But, not to worry, I still have a new Project W for you today. Continuing on from last time, I wanted to focus on layering. This week I am showing you how to use different media to layer, paper, stamping, twine etc.! I am always asked how I layer and to be honest it is something that comes naturally to everyone I think. It just requires patience and some imagination! First, let me show you the project I made for this project sheet.

This one was a fun one to make, and I hope you can also have fun this weekend and have a go at some layering. Here is the project sheet!

Enjoy and have fun this weekend, I hope I was able to inspire you. Thank You for all the amazing comments, it keeps me loving what I do!


  1. Oh my flippin gooodness....I can't keep my eyes off of this gorgeous layout. The soft colors. the layering, the ever so slight touch of sepia colored browns....Oh my. And the photo...Frank, you hit this one out of the ball park. I may just have to lift this one. And I dont lift...Thank you so much for the step by step.This one goes into my special file of faves. For sure!!

  2. Frank...this is so gorgeous sweetie! love it to bit and LOVE the tut!

  3. Another stunning Layout Frank. Your style is so enviable. And I love your tute. Beautifully explained and photographed. I've read it three or four times already, trying to pick up all the tips to making a layout as gorgeous as yours. You're a star!!!! Pxxx

  4. Hi Frank! You make the most wonderful, soft pages! I love the contrast here of the urban cool photo with the sweet flowers and elements! Thank you for the tut!

  5. Again, another beyond beautiful layout. Your layering and coloring is fabulous. I know how long it takes to make tutorials and you do a fabulous job. Congrats.


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