Project W003: Holographic & Resist Technique

Friday, March 30, 2012

Hello Everyone!
Happy Friday!!! 
I am sorry about the late post today! Life got in the way, had to get my tires changed, it was time already. After I got that done, I got home and did some photo editing and finished today's Project W Sheet. I gotta say this is my favorite yet! Lot's of fun techniques and lots of awesomeness in store. First let me show you the card I made for this Project Sheet. I made this Thank You card for a close friend of mine, and I love how it turned out, check it out!

It's really simple and fun I must say! Here is the project sheet, I hope you enjoy making one as much as I did! If you try and of my techniques and would like to have your work featured in my blog, email me your work to, and you will be featured on my blog next week!

Enjoy! Hope you all have a creative weekend, and have fun! 
Thank You so much for stopping by everyone!


  1. OMG , Frank your card is beautiful! I love the vintage feel to it! Have a great weekend!


  2. Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! I think this is the first card i've seen from you and it's blown my socks right off. I've downloaded your tute to my computer to read (like you I've been a busy boy but I thought i MUST come over to your blog and leave a note :) ). The muted pinks and neutrals are a gorgeous combo & I adore the perfect pearl drops which outline the frame. You are such an amazing, talented crafter my friend. Px

  3. Frank, Your card is friggin' awesome!!! Love every detail. Thanks so much for sharing your awesome creations and for the tutorials too! XO, HL

  4. Frank you card is beautiful, thanks for sharing your techniques!

  5. Will give this a try during the month!!


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