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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hi everyone! I hope everyone is having an amazing weekend so far! I have changed the look of my blog once again! It took me a while, and I think I have perfected it now! Of course you might notice I also changed the title of my blog. Yes, my blog is now called Haus of W, why you might ask? Well Haus means Home in German, which is really a beautiful word to describe this blog, scrapbooking is really a wonderful home for me, and it makes me feel happy, relieves my stress, and it completes me. It is also home to you, my followers who I appreciate greatly, who take a minute out of your lives to visit me, thank you. Now, the W stands for, you guessed it, Warmy, who is my love of my life, he inspires me everyday, to create, to live, to imagine, and everything else. So there you have it. I hope you like the new look and I hope you continue to enjoy my blog, in this new chapter. I will be sharing some more projects I am working on soon, until then..


  1. I love your new blog look! Beautiful! The background is amazing, too. Love the gray/white...

  2. i love your new blog look...very classy!

  3. Happened upon your blog, and just wanted to drop by and say Hi and I'm now a follower. I look forward to looking through your creations.

  4. Nice new look Frank. The name is filled of meaning for you and that is great. I'm still finding a 'look' for my blog I like...soon I hope.

  5. Well Frank,I see you have been doing some wonderful changes to your blog while I have been away. I am off to take a look at all I have missed. Cherrie


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