Make A Wish!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hello everyone, if there is one thing I love about Sundays is getting out early from work and being able to scrap, and do some homework. As you all know hubby's birthday was on the 20th, but we got to do many things the week of his birthday. One of them was going to Cafe Orleans in Disneyland, and to our surprise the friendly people there gave him a small mickey shaped gingerbread cake with a candle. It was so cute! I had to capture the moment. His smile and everything just made me want to say; make a wish. I enjoyed making this page, I used lots of American Crafts goodies hubby bought me recently. I just love those hot air balloons, take a look:

There is some rosette action going on there, I love my Martha score board.

I am working on another page right now, but just wanted to update you all. I am having a giveaway soon so stay tuned for that as well! Thanks for stopping by, have a great Monday!

-Love, Frank

Products Used: American Crafts City Park Paper, American Crafts Thickers  Paperback, American Crafts Remarks; Zeppelin,  My Minds Eye Blue Trim Fine and Dandy, My Minds Eye Fine and Dandy Chipboard.

School Days

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This is my second post tonight! I am on a roll! I got some scrapping done today! I am very happy about that! I am definitely loving this layout I made, it was done with some of the new MME goodies I got last week, and I cannot wait to get my hands on some of their new stuff at CHA. It is amazing! This layout was inspired by hubby he is going to college on his own now, and I couldn't be more proud of him! This was one of those days, fun and happy days to be at school.

I love the American Crafts kites, they are adorable!! really love the playful feel of this layout it turned out well. I love the font too its pretty cute!

Thanks for stopping by everyone, I have a long day at work tomorrow, hope everyone is well.

Love, Frank

Products Used: My Minds Eye Fine and Dandy, My Minds Eye Alphabet Soup, American Crafts City Park Paper, American Crafts Thickers Marquise.

Pinwheel Tutorial

I was asked by a couple of people how I made the pinwheels in my last layout, and I decided to make a quick tutorial. They are fairly simple to make, all you need is a square piece of paper, I used a 3x3 square, some pop dots or any strong adhesive you have, scissors, and a brad, button, or any embellishment you like.

Make sure it is a double sided square, and its a matching color for your layout or project.

With some scissors cut from each corner point down towards the middle, don't cut all the way though, just enough to have an X looking shape, if you have 4 separate triangles then you cut all the way.

Once done, add a pop dot, or adhesive to the center, grab a corner and....

....Stick it to the center, repeat for all 4 corners till you have something like this:

You then want to add a little embellishment in the middle, to add some more dimension.

And there you have it!! Your own pinwheel, these are fun and easy to make! Here is the layout with some of those:

Have fun making these!!

-Love Frank


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hello everyone! I am posting at midnight, how scary! I like staying up late scrapbooking though, I get my creative juices flowing late at night, don't know why, maybe its all the silence. Hubby took my scrapbook supply shopping today, I got tons of My Minds Eye stuff, courtesy of hubby himself! Thanks!! This particular layout I had fun doing, it is fun, but very personal to me. I put the word be on this layout because this picture reminds me of be-ing myself, being true, being loving, being caring and compassionate, but overall being human. I really love the light in my face it really brings out a strong emotion that I typically don't have in pictures, and as you can see I am at Disneyland so that explains a lot of he smiling. Take a look:

I love those pinwheels I put on there, I made them from some scrap paper, and the Martha punch worked great too!

I really enjoyed sharing this layout with all of you today, I have some more layouts to do, but will share tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by and for all of your birthday wishes for hubby! He appreciates them!

Love, Frank

Products Used: My Minds Eye Lost and Found Brads, My Minds Eye Quite Contrary paper, My Minds Eye Fine and Dandy Chipboard, K&Company Cut & Paste, Martha Stewart Edge Punch Diamonds, American Crafts Felt Thickers.

Hubby's 23rd Birthday

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hello everyone! Hope everyone is doing well, I just got back from hubby's nice dinner at Cheescake Factory which was amazing! We had fun, and the food was totally delish!! I had a tough time though trying to find a perfect gift for him, I ended up buying him a nice watch, he needed one and he loved it. I was quite the baker though yesterday, I had been seeking a bakery for the past 2 weeks that could bake me a pikachu cake (hubby's favorite character) and have it made with fondant. Well seems like everyone these days either buys it at Costco or avoids the cake all together! It was near impossible to find a bakery that could custom make me a cake!! I even tried online contacted several people who baked independently and got answers like " It will be about $120 for the cake" that is pretty pricey for a cake that I needed to feed about 5 people with. Anyway being the crafter that I am I decided to make it myself! It was quite difficult, and I think I wasn't prepared well but I did it here is my attempt at a pikachu cake ( excuse the mess) :

I started with some red velvet cake I baked....

Some nice strawberries from Target, who knew!...

Some yellow cream cheese that was originally white but thanks to some food coloring turned yellow...

Ended up with this! I know it might not be perfect but hey it was made with all my love! I don't think it looked that bad for my first try!

I also got him this cute giant pikachu balloon he's such a boy!

I will be posting some birthday pics tomorrow, and hopefully some new layouts, thanks for stopping by!

-Love, Frank

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Scrapboxing Again!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hello everyone, I went over to my local Michaels since they had a Winter Clearance event and I picked up a set of 4 shadowboxes, which I call scrapboxes haha. Well I got to work with one yesterday, and I added lots of travel elements, this is a picture me and my mom took at the Disneyland Resort for her birthday last year. We took a picture with pilot Minnie who looks adorable in that outfit! Hubby always tells me she looks like a Mickey with a bow, he is such a cutie. Anyway here it is:

I started out with a scrapbox and a picture I selected, You can use any shadow box for this project.

And ended up with this!

I made it a bit vintage looking, I love this look, and you can see one of those paper rosettes working its charm there too, you will be seeing lots of those often now that I have that Martha Score Board. I used some old book paper, and some inking as well.

I have a couple more scrapboxes, so I will be working on some later on. For now if you make one and would like to share e-mail me at

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Love, Frank

Supplies Used: K&Company Cut N Paste paper, K&Company Cut N Paste ephemera pack, Cricut A Childs Year Cartridge, Cricut Opposites Attract Font.

Random Picture 2011

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Playing with my new Martha Stewart Score Board, developing scrapbooking ideas......

Will update soon! =)

Love, Frank

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hello everyone!! I hope everyone is enjoying this chilly weather!!! Getting colder everyday here in Southern California. So January is here, one of my favorite months because of the lovely rain. I like cloudy and rainy days they are great, I also like new beginnings, new year new you as the saying goes. I made this layout to reflect the freshness of January, added some spring feel to it, take a look!

I love those frames I used, they were hanging out in my drawer for some time, I really liked using them, and those new letter chipboards by K&Company are so lovely I love that font its so cute!

Hubby gave me a gift yesterday, I was so surprised, three Cricut Cartridges!!! I love them and cannot wait to use them. I will give you guys a full review on these as soon as I get to play with them!

Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy your weekend!!

Love, Frank

Supplies Used: K&Company Spring Tim Coffey Chipboard Alphabet, K&Company Wild Raspberry Collection Frames, Making Memories Stamp Set, White out Paper by DCWV. 

Getting Ready for 2011

Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello everyone I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year's Day, now that things are back to normal in the retail world I can post often again!! I am currently getting all my scrap stuff together, developing pictures, and buying some new materials I had been wanting to try. But I thought I would take the opportunity to share some things that were part of my last few weeks in 2010. Lets take a look:

I got to work with my amazing co-worker this Christmas season, she is fabulous, and I love working with her, her name is Felipa, and she is so funny! I got to share some good laughs during the Christmas season which helped us get through it more smoothly.

Secondly, my anniversary was amazing, got the chance to visit Orleans Cafe and it was amazing! Had the Monte Cristo Sandwich for the first time, and I loved it! A must have for anyone visiting any Disneyland Park.

Third, I got to finish an amazing Fall semester with the Hubby!! He worked so hard this semester, and deserved a break, and he definitely got it this Winter break. I cannot wait to see what new classes he will get and the workload that awaits.... Also I got some great Christmas gifts from hubby as well. I haven't shared all of them, perhaps in my next post, but I am sharing one of them today. I got my Duffy the Disney Bear!!! Such a cute and adorable bear, a Disney Parks Exclusive. The Hubby really knows how to impress.

Lastly, even though my life was rushed and hectic, at times I got to experience the small things in life. Sat in my car and pondered at all the great things that had happened to me for the past few months. It is not easy for one to get through hardships, but through hard work, and dedication you can. Hubby definitely showed me to value the small things in life, and rule out complications. I thank him deeply for that.

I hope to scrapbook more this year, have lots of fun, focus and work on my career and job, and keep my friends and loved ones close, as well as love my Warmy more and more. Hope you all have had a chance to make your New Year's Resolution. 

Thanks for stopping by, Love,


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