Happy New Year!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year my fellow blogger friends, readers, and all my friends and family!! Hope this new year 2011 brings you great cheer and happiness and great and fond memories that will make it to your scrapbook!! I love you all!!

-Love, Frank

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Merry Christmas

Friday, December 24, 2010

To my followers, friends and family, as well as anyone who visits my blog I wish you all a Merry Christmas I hope your day is filled with holiday cheer and I wish your family the best! Enjoy!

Love, Frank

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Quick Update

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hello everyone, I hope everyone is enjoying this Christmas week, I haven't been blogging because I worked 2 weeks straight non stop and today was my day off! Finally! However I go back tomorrow, but I wanted to make sure you guys knew I'm still here, just a little busy. Once this holiday rush is over, things will be back to normal and I can finally blog normally too. I am sharing a page I made today with my free time. It is for my 3rd anniversary as you guys know that was on the 13th of this month. I love the vintageness of the page, I think I added a little too many 3's in there but thats how I wanted it to turn out, even the bingo card has the 3's circled. Take a look:

I like how this page turned out. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas, enjoy your families, enjoy their company, and have lots of fun. I hope everyone gets what they wished for, and I hope everyone is well. Thanks for stopping by.

-Love Frank

Anniversary Time Once Again!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Hello everyone! I am glad to be writing on my blog today, I am celebrating my 3rd Anniversary with my hubby!!! It has been very exciting! We had a great dinner, we renewed our Disneyland passes, and we had tons of fun today!! Will share some pictures later! I had not been able to write for the past few days because I had been sick with some kind of stomach infection. I was feeling horrible, I had the nausea, and the abdominal pain, I almost felt like i was going through pregnancy or something, sheesh. Anyway I am feeling way better now, I am still recovering, been taking some tea and some medicine and hopefully all will be well. With only less than two weeks to go for Christmas I thought I would share a quick December page I made, take a look:

Quick and simple, I added these cute snowflakes on top of this nice red paper, and layered those December chipboard to give some dimension.

I like this page a lot, it was a cold and nice day, I love cold weather even though its rare in SoCal. Here are some pictures from today, I had a nice lunch/dinner at Disneyland with hubby today at this place called Cafe Orleans, it is a little pricey but nice to go for a special occassion:

I got the Monte Cristo Sanwich, a very popular dish in Disneyland restaurants, it consists of ham and some cheese some frying and powdered sugar with a nice berry sauce, it sounds simple but I am sure there is more to it its amazing, I had always wanted to try it, and today I did it was truly a delicious meal..

Hubby went for something more local, a New Orleans Gumbo which was great, although he was wondering why they chose not to serve it in a bread bowl. He enjoyed it though, wild rice and all.

Finally here is a look at the beautiful huge tree at Disneyland truly a sight to behold. I love it its is so great, and it makes you wonder why your tree has so little decorations and is so small. It sure leaves me wondering that.

Thanks for stopping by, stay warm.

Love, Frank

Doing Some Christmas Shopping & Finals

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hello everyone and Happy December! I have been so busy with Finals this past week, and I am afraid they won't end till next Wednesday!!! What a drag! I thought I would take a moment and say hi though, I did work on my December layout, I just need to get that uploaded, I also have been preoccupied with some Christmas shopping as many of you have, I'd like to share some pictures I took over the weekend of this giant christmas tree in South Coast Plaza Mall it's absolutely stunning!

It is so beautiful, I had tons of fun that day!! Such nice decorations at that plaza!! My anniversary is on Monday!! I am so excited my 3 year anniversary!!! Looking forward ti it!!

Thanks for stopping by catch up soon

-Love Frank

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