I Missed Blogging!!! (and scrapping of course)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hello everyone I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, I know I sure did, well sorta. This past week was very hectic for me, I work retail as you all know, and well the holidays are indeed the heaviest and most busiest days, and this past week was incredibly busy and tiring!!! I have had no chance to scrap, shop, or sleep for that matter, I worked about 12 hours on black Friday. So today I am sharing a quick layout I made with some stuff I had hanging around. I love this sepia picture of hubby it makes him look so innocent take a look:

I just love cherry blossoms, I have been wanting to go to the Huntington Library over at Pasadena where they  have the most stunning botanical gardens and cherry blossoms as well. Here is another angle.

As you can tell I used tons of different cherry blossoms, some Jolee's, some sticko, and some rub-ons as well. It is such a pink and lovely page! I love it. I am in the process of printing my thanksgiving pictures to make some layouts so I am looking forward to that and cannot wait to share them with all of you!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

-Stay Warm, Love, Frank

Simple Layouts, Capturing Complex Moments

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Sunday everyone, well this upcoming week will be busy for all of us, I know for me it is the busiest week holiday shoppers are out there buying gifts, Thanksgiving, and who can forget the famous "Black Friday" a definite 12hr shift!! Anyway, I sometimes find myself short on time for scrapping, so I make what I like to call simple layouts, which I think capture very complex moments. I am sharing these two layouts today that I made when I was short of time this week. There can be lots of negative space involved but I never really think that negative space is bad, sometimes it helps determine the position of a picture or guides your eyes to the picture take a look:

Some layering action going on, I just punched some stars layered them in different sizes, added those cardstock stickers, I love the paper it really helps the layout stand out, I think that is one of the keys of a simple layout the paper has lots to do.

This one is one I like to I love the little metal frame where I put a stamp, and the ribbon. It is simple yet effective. I love it!! I hope these layouts were inspirational when you are short of time!! Remember if you would like to share some of your simple layouts email me at and I can feature your layouts. Thanks for stopping by!

-Love Frank

Autumn Love King

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hello everyone, and happy Saturday, today was quite a long day for me, long day at work, long time figuring out my classes for next year, long headache.... the point is today was a LONG day. But luckily I am here sharing a layout I made yesterday that I had tons of fun with. I was inspired to make this page by my fellow reader Diana, she has been using Martha punches as of late so I decided to have some fun with mine. I only have a few the hubby won't let me buy too many because he thinks they have no re-use value, but this page is an example that punches can indeed be used multiple times. It took me a long time to punch all these crowns and when I finally finished, I started gluing and folding. I think it turned out ok, I love the heart shape I managed to form in the middle although from up close it doesn't look like much of a heart shape. See for yourself:

I love how it turned out, fairly simple and really not many materials were needed. I love how he came out he looks almost angelical ( haha I am showing off again sorry :-) but on a serious note, it was a fun layout. I will probably try using a different punch next time.

Thanks for stopping by and for all the wonderful comments!!

Love, Frank

Gypsies, Future Telling, and Forgiveness

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hello everyone, hope everyone is doing well, today I decided to share something about this attraction at Disneyland called Esmeralda. It is a fortune teller, you enter 25 cents and you receive a card which foretells your future. It has been a favorite at the park for many years, and I must say I am impressed. I am sharing this because I recently visited this attraction with my sister and she once again worked her gypsy magic. She told my sister about her past and her future which really did match the current state she is in. I too was told by her that I should be careful of friends who aren't to be trusted as well as some inheritance I will be given. There has been people who were told they were gonna marry even!! It is a very peculiar and fun attraction that doesn't catch your eye when there but is a true gem. I had some arguments with hubby this weekend however, and I have been a little down. We sorta made up, and I hope things get better tomorrow. The reason I am sharing the gypsy story is because it is of great importance to value those around you, sometimes we take things for granted, or do not appreciate the people who share their lives with us. Take the time to make those around you feel loved, forgive those who have hurt you and apologize to those you have hurt, tell them how much you love them, invite them out for a cup of coffee, spend time with them. You never know what life might have stored for you, and while most people including myself don't believe in fortune telling one thing is for sure, you decide your own future, those who choose wisely receive real rewards.

Keep your loved ones close, and love them very much. I will be back with some layouts, stay tuned. Until then enjoy the weather, hope you have a great week.

Love, Frank


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy November everyone! it is finally feeling like Fall, we had our rainy days, windy days, and some sunny days, cold evenings, and even some foggy mornings. It is quite great. I am very happy to be blogging today because I missed it so much!! I am relieved I got some schoolwork over with today and got some time to scrap today!! Like usual I made my monthly page, and this one is very November-ish. I love it. I used lots of Autumn paper, I cut out some cute little trees, and used some Prima, I love the borders as well everything seemed to fit in perfect harmony. Take a look!

Did anyone notice hubby's new look? He shaved it all off!! His beard that is! He looks adorable, and many say younger. His job requires it, but I think he still looks gorgeous!! I really had fun with the letters on this one, they are made from canvas and are very cute. Can't wait for turkey, and pumpkin pie, but before I get to ahead of myself I should stop.....haha

Thanks for stopping by, have a wonderful Tuesday!

-Love, Frank

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