Lucky To Have You

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

There are times in life when we take things for granted. Perhaps sometimes things pass us by and we hardly notice them, and there I go with my shakesperean mode. Well I really was inspired to do this page because a video I saw of one of my favorite electronica bands Röyksopp. The song called Happy Up Here. It is a very good song and the music video has lots of different vintage elements that I just love, the whole carnival-esque objects and pop culture is so fun.

On this particular page I really employed lots of vintage embellishments, cardboard, and even a small little clothes hanger and some string. I am particularly loving the man with the open mouth who has all these lucky numbers out of his mouth. We went to the beach that day and it was a beautiful day although he was a bit tired as you can see in this picture he still looks adorable.

That 3 card resembles our 3 years of being together.

Have a great week!!

-Frank =)

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Back to School

Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's always a lazy time when the time come to go back to school. Summer is great because school is off, but me and my friend Lucy have been having some University issues going on due to stupid budget cuts in our state. So our Summer was more likely filled with stress and all, but luckily we had each other's support as well as my little man's support. After the initial days at school, it starts becoming fun, and thats what I enjoy the most of going back to school, hanging out with him is the best. I made this page similar to the one I had previously made out of pieces of paper that make the overall look of the page feel like its popping out. I love that look.

I used some yarn, and those pretty K&Company letters. I like that picture its really bright and beautiful and his shirt matches the page. 

Some Detail

A great page overall, I hope you all had a great back to school as well!!!

Till next time!!!


Birthday Card with a Fishy Feel!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

On Sunday it was my good friend Ana's birthday and what a great day that was. Going back to Disneyland and enjoying a great evening with friends was a much needed night. I had to include some scrappin into my day somehow however, and I made this nice card for her. I love using some scraps and die cuts I have left over to make different things other than layouts. In this case I used some of those cute diamond shaped pieces from my previous layout and added them to this one, on a basic grey sheet cut in a very peculiar shape, I just thought going for a square card is a bit boring.

I added some yarn balls for dimension, and a little ticket for that vintage touch.

The inside I kept pretty simple, loving that little crab though.

I am starting to enjoy making these type of cards, its fun. Try some yourself and you will see not only will you save some money but your friends will appreciate more a home-made card than a card you buy at your local store.

Thanks for stopping by!!


I Pick You.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

At times there are people that step into our lives and can bring us a great deal of happiness, these people then become a great part of our lives and make living it a whole lot better. Your significant other plays an important role in your life as a human and as a loving individual, without our better halves life would be tasteless, like a cup of noodles, it would just be a very boring life. In my case someone did come into my life who changed it radically. My better half changed my view of the world, and really made my life a million times more enjoyable. Thats why this page is called I pick you, I would pick him out of a crowd, I would pick him once and again and again, for the simple reason that his love is pure and true, and because he sees far beyond anything bad I can do or have. But enough of the love chitter-chatter this layout also is a very fun one it almost reminds me of a carnival, I used another page and cut out these fun shapes, made sort of a pyramid and used a wonderful picture of us at a little place called Shoreline Village, in Long Beach. I love these American Craft Thickers they are wonderful. This page is very symbolic of what I feel is my love and emotions towards my hubby it is an absolute fave.

-Hope everyone has a great week with their hubbies and wifeys!!


Summer Lovin'

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Here is another LO for summer, I sometimes come across some nice paper stacks, but as everyone knows its hard to find one where you like every single piece of paper. I guess as long as you like 80% of the stack its ok. This particular page was inspired from a page just like that, a page that didn't really quite fit and perhaps was never going to be used on its own. It is great however to pick these up and try to work with them rater than going to waste. This page consisted of some waves and some pink whales which are adorable once cut out, but as a whole patterned paper looked a bit overwhelming. So I took some pieces out of that page and used them with another page, and they looked great as embellishments.

Its always great to use paper you find no use for in different ways, I love how this summer page turned out.

-Hope everyone has a great week!


Product Review: Tim Holtz Distress Inks

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I have been using Distress Inks to accent my pages, create tags, and really use my stamps with them. They are quite versatile and come in a great variety of colors. I came across Tim Holtz in my local Michaels and I absolutely loved his style. The grunge type of technique requires much practice I must say.

Distress ink is fairly simple, it is a versatile ink that can be applied to multiple types of surfaces, materials to get an aged look, simple right? In reality it is like this if you have a couple of tools handy. Tim says that these ink pads are raised so you can work directly from the pad to paper technique, this personally hasn't worked well for me. Perhaps precision and practice is needed. I have gotten areas that are darker on my pages, at times the pad will make a scratched look on the paper, it doesn't seem to work that easily. However with the right tools this can be solved.

Tim also sells this felt applicator, that works well with these inks. You can create a faded look, and control the amount of ink you use. Another tool is the mister tool, which is basically a mister that sprays water and creates a more watercolor-style look. These tools make the inks easier to use, and reduce the amount of ink you waste. The inks themselves range in the 4-5 dollar range, as well as the tools and felt replacements which seem a bit steep, but if you manage to use the inks without the tools then you will save some money, they are long lasting and dont need to be re-inked often.

Conclusion: These inks are great, they work good, and have a good effect, they are long lasting and versatile.

Pros: versatile, great selection, multiple applications, long lasting.
Cons: can be pricey together with the tools, direct pad application requires practice.

Some layouts using the inks:


Tim Holtz is a trademark of Ranger Inks. I am in no way associated with Ranger, or Tim Holtz. 

August At Last

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hi everyone, its been a long week, very busy and filled with things to do, and as always I have tried to fit some scrapbooking into my week. I felt so gloomy without scrappin', it really relaxes me and calms me down after a long day at work. However, Iv'e been so tired lately that I had not had any time to scrap. I finally got some time today and finished working on my August page, I had purchased this really nice My Minds Eye paper some time ago in this really nice purple color, and I felt it really went with this picture. This is a picture from August 1st ( You guys will be seeing more of those later) when we went to Hurricane Harbor. It was such a fun filled day. I used that paper, because August doesnt seem to be a very hot month, doesnt really remind me of summer much, but rather the beginning of Fall which I love. I used some yarn on this one still trying to play with  it a little more, and some nice letters from K&Company from their handmade collection. I love this one it really turned out great, and those prima flowers really helped out. I will be working on some more layouts over the weekend so I will keep you all posted.

Have a great Sunday!


Random Picture: Scrappers Working Hard.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Having fun, I mean working hard us scrappers, can't wait to upload all of our new pages tonight!


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Welcoming August

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I haven't been posting for a couple of days now and I feel so disconnected from my blog!! I assure you I have lots to share with all of you guys including some new August layouts!! I will be updating you guys soon, till then I hope you guys are having a wonderful week! I know I have a couple of sunburns to take care of!


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