Font Freebie!

Monday, May 31, 2010

From time to time I come across fonts that I like and I would like to share with all of you. Perhaps you can use it in your scrap pages, or to make cards or even for digital scrap booking. This one is called Typeface by MyFox, it is a fun font. Use it to create pages and send them to to be featured in the blog!

Click on Download this font and once downloaded click install.

-Have fun!


Inking It Up!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Iv'e always admired inking and grunging and I am a true fan of vintage pages. Vintage is something I love whenever I see anything at craft stores related to old times its a must buy. I recently bought some Tim Holtz ink pads and decided to try them out on some blank tag cards I had. The result; some beautifully colored vintage tags. The Bingo paper is also vintaged I added a nice stamp design and a rub on that reads "Happy Days Filled with Sunshine, Summertime, and you being all mine" I love it! I also added some gems and a vintage gift card. I love the look of it. I guess I did win the Bingo game, and scored big with my little hubby!

-Have a great Sunday! Frank

Sale Sale Sale!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Up to 40% on paper crafting supplies at JoAnn's this weekend! They have everything from a variety of paper to Cricut supplies! Wow I need to make a trip to update all of my supplies.
One item that catches my eye is the bottle cap Disney stickers. I might buy this for an upcoming vacation trip to Disneyland.
Only 2.79

Another item i love is this
Cropper Hopper Photo Supply Case for 4''x6'' Prints. It looks like a great product for any one who needs organization. A great price at 17.99!

Log on to JoAnn's to see all the featured sales products! Wow

Friday Scrap Deal

Monday, May 24, 2010

Today's Friday Deal is at our local Michaels, I stopped by and found several Making Memories items at a closeout price of just 0.99 cents what a deal! These included a baggie of buttons several colors, a stamp kit which looked expensive I believe it was 10 dollars regularly, a ribbon set, and several sticker phrases. Quite a deal! Visit your local Michaels to check them out.

Also don't forget to visit the Simple, Easy, Creative Scrapbooking store if in a hurry.



Saturday, May 22, 2010

Well, to be honest I never really considered May to be a big month, nothing really happens other than Mother's Day and the beginning of hot weather. However I must say that this year May was truly exceptional. I got to visit Disneyland with my mom and sister which was great. I got to spend a whole week vacation with the love of my life. Visited a couple of stores went shopping, and of course visited Disneyland a couple of times and even enjoyed some fireworks. So I decided to start the new scrapbook I just received with a page dedicated to May. I had been waiting for my new scrapbook for about a week. I was going insane, I hate putting my completed pages here and there. Luckily I got it on time. So this page was inspired in essence by Warmy and his smile, also the fact that may is warm, I used purple and red that resembled really a typical warm color. I also used a card stock bouquet and cut out the flowers individually and lined them up I think it looks better. I used a sheet from that paper pack I got at Ross. I love it because its thick card stock and its very flexible. I included a acetate definition that has the definition of happy. I just love it. May was a good month althought theres a week left I feel like its gone.

PS: Sorry for the crooked picture just turned out that way =)

-Hope all of you have a wonderful May as well.


Good Will Treasure Hunt

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Well following the footsteps of one of my readers,Diana, I stopped by a GoodWill. I've never been good at these treasure hunts, and it always appears like I miss out on the good stuff when I go. Maybe I need a few tips on how to find the best deals, anywho I found one thing, it caught my eye since I saw it. At first I wasn't sure if it was what I thought but then I thought what the heck! It looks like a wooden stamp, never seen a wooden one before, well wood with rubber yes but not all wood. Maybe it's an old type of stamp who knows. I just thought it was nice and for a mere fifty cents a steal.

Have a great Thursday I will be posting a new page today so stay tuned.


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Random Picture # 5

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It is only in the evening when you get to see such a beautiful sight. The sleeping beauty castle in all its wonder. Truly a magnificent sight! I took this on Friday, had a wonderful day there with my mom and sister.


Friday Scrap Deal

Sunday, May 16, 2010

So this week till May 22 you will be able to save at our local Michaels. All new designs of scrapbooking paper will be 4 for $1 what a deal. These include K&Company, as well as Recollections, and I also found some Anna Griffin last time. Also all eyelets, snaps, and brads are buy 2 get one free, if you are in need of metals in your pages which work quite well.

Have a great week, will post some new pages I am working on soon!



Hey all you Scrappers out there. I'm Crystal, one of the new editors on this blog. First of all, let me tell you a little about myself. I am 23, a mother, and crazy about crafting. I have been crafting since I was little with my mother whom inspires me everyday to be creative and ambitious. I still remember the time when my mom showed me how to make paper dolls and make butterflies with paint between a paper. Now with my own two year old, I am passing down the creative attributes my mother taught me. Scrap booking helps organize and tell a story about a picture and that's what i love about the hobby.
I will try to keep updating this site for my friends and for all the subscribers and viewers.
(up above: A page of my son, black and white pic, K & Co. Paper)

Scrapbooking with Mom

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Me and my mom scrapbooked yesterday, and it was her first time doing so! It was so much fun I got to teach her how to use the cricut, a couple of techniques of mine and such. She did a wonderful job and her first page was wonderful!

I did begin by making a Disney page, I grabbed a white fully glittered paper which I love because its so bright, and cut out that mickey from and actual Disneyland pamphlet, I then placed the mickey sticker below the picture. I couldn't add much more it just worked on its own.

This is the page my mom did she did a wonderful job and had lots of fun with it.

The quote says Grateful for having a son so special that I love a lot and value for who he is never change I feel proud of you I love you your mom.
Touching words of a Mother love her too.

The third page that I made was absolutely fun used a lot of stars and a cute paper I chose that I absolutely wanted to use for a carnival theme. I used lots of pop dots, stars and some gems.

Total fun. Till next time!


Product Review: Cutterfly

Monday, May 10, 2010

So one of my fave readers Diana wondered last time what a Cutterfly was. I think its a good idea to share with all of you what it is! It is a multipurpose tool. Its basically designed for scrapbooking and it contains according to the package 11 tools in 1. Pretty neat. Now you must be asking yourself a couple of questions right now. Why should you buy it? Is it worth it? Well truly speaking I got it because it looked pretty useful. However, I must say that once I received it I was quite let down by the build of the actual device let me tell you why:


  • The Cutterfly has great scissors, thats its main function if you ask me, they are sharp and can cut basically most materials.
  • Its features include: Rotary Blade, Scissors, Pliers, Distress Tool, Paper Piercer, Emboss Stylus, Tweezers, Retracting Ruler.
  • It is easy to take on the go! If you scrapbook at friend's houses you know taking all kinds of tools can be a drag so this one packs 11 in 1.
  • It has a keychain so you can hang on your purse or tote.
  • The rotary cutter is quite useful it is also very sharp.
  • The build is cheap, it feels sturdy however the actual tools feel sort of cheap in their build.
  • Its so awkward to hold, I can't seem to find a way to hold it so its hard to get used to.
  • Some tools I haven't tried using because they seem useless. The ruler is there but I have a mat with measurements, I don't really know what a piercer would do, and the distress tool looks more like a nail file. 
  • You might need to add some lubricant to the scissors since they tend to get hard to close after a while.
Other than that its quite a versatile tool, if you have use for all of them you can get it as cheap as $3.99. However, if you already have some of the tools you really don't need a second rotary cutter or a second pair of scissors do you? 


Our Newest Scraptastic Authors

Lucero Cuevas my best friend will begin posting here as an author, she scraps about lots of things including her traveling, she does travel far more than I ever will, she has a very cool hubby, Juan, and a wonderful family I can't wait to see what she delivers!

Crystal Luna also one of my Best Friends will also begin posting also as an author in our blog! She has a wonderful young little boy named Eli and she does wonderful baby pages. I hope she has as much fun as I do on this blog.


My Besty page featured in Ideas for Scrapbookers!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

My page I made using Pam Callaghan's template has been featured in her blog Ideas for Scrapbookers I had tons of fun using her template and I am sure you will too! Visit her blog and check out other useful templates. My feature can be seen here:

Click Here

-Have a great Saturday!

Wednesday Deal?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Thats right folks! Wednesday Deal! Although rare it can happen! So todays deal runs for 2 days, Wednesday and Thursday online only. Visit Joann and they have an amazing sale on all their scrapbooking paper as well as more scrapbooking items! Just one item I found a 60 page paper pad by K&Company for $7.99! Bargain! Take advantage!



Hello I hope everyone had a great Monday, I enjoyed it going to school with little Warmy and enjoying a warm afternoon scrappin! I made this page from a template made by Pam Callaghan, it truly inspired me and got my juices going. Crystal as featured on the page is one of my best friends aside from Lucy, I consider them both like my sisters. In this picture I was over her house celebrating her birthday we had an amazing time. I used some of the new paper I had spoken about in the Friday Deal by K&Company, I cut the template out on that paper, and used 3D dots to stick all the template and make it stand out. I used some butterflies from the Tim Coffee collection and some rub-ons and gems for accents. I love the design and turned out great thanks Pam!


Random Picture # 4 Disney Edition

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lovely Matterhorn my fave at Disneyland.

Have a great Sunday!

- Frank
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Friday ScrapDeal!

These Deals run till next Saturday May 8. Our local Michaels has great deals on Mother's Day items Including mugs that you can design yourself! The best deal however is on new designs of scrapbooking paper, honestly this is quite a steal these papers are by K&Company and they are gorgeous! These are some of the designs but there are many more including Recollections brand and others. I just happened to love the new designs very beutiful purple and red florals. Also of interest is our local Joann has all fabric on sale including online with free shipping! Visit and stock up on both today! Don't forget that the Simple,Easy,Creative Scrapbooking store always has great deals!


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National Scrapbooking Day!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Today is National Scrapbooking Day celebrate the art and complexity of scrapbooking and the many fond memories pages bring to our lives! Many local stores and communities will have local crops and sales! Visit the Simple Easy Creative Scrapbooking store also and browse through some sales! Today is the day to make beautiful designs and share them with loved ones. I managed to make a layout today! I printed a 8x11 picture of my little love making a silly face, he's always making silly faces, I took advantage of the new paper I just bought and the eyelets I had just received and placed some at the bottom. I added some stickers, and a big red button that says cute as a button just a really simple layout. Hope you guys scrap a lot too! Happy Scrapping!


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