Windy Thursday!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Its quite windy today over here in Los Angeles, very chilly I wish it was raining but one cant wish for everything. Im excited because tomorrow I'm going to go watch Nightmare on Elm Street with my cutie pie hopefully that turns out well! After that we are going to give Matterhorn mountain a couple of rides and perhaps watch some silly Hillbillies. Im glad because I received my order of scrapbook supplies last night. I ordered a few things I needed a couple of eyelets, some pop dots, and a cutterfly tool which I found a bit hard to use but i will get used to it. Most of these items can be found in my store as well. On a different note I recently went to Ross and found a paper pack that was opened and all over the place, I put it all together with some help from Warmy and paid 5.99 for it it was supposed to be 100pk but ended up getting close to 200 pages, mixed in were glitter pages, some metallics, some vellum I am glad I got quite a bargain. It pays off to visit such an unorganized store haha.

Hope all you have a great Thursday!


Random Picture #3

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Saw this at a local Borders! I just thought it was amazing! Martha Rocks! I myself am mad about Martha!

Hope all of you are having a great Tuesday!


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Random Picture # 2

Monday, April 26, 2010

Delicious Teriyaki Burger at Hamburger Mary's BOGO deal need I say more?

Have a great Tuesday.


Lucy's 23rd Birthday Night Out

For Lucy's birthday we decided to go to Sage a club in Whittier with a very great atmosphere. We headed out with all the girls me and Warmy. It was a great night full of music, dancing, and some late night tacos. We had a blast! so this page was inspired from that day! I took some colorful K&Company paper, 2 sheets and made the arrows face each other, I added some cardboard frames and did some stamping. I used lots of buttons on these pages simply because me and Lucy have been friends since kids and the buttons for me symbolize friendship and unity. So I really added some buttons, I also added some stickers that I had always wanted to use, the lounge stickers. These embossed stickers came in handy and truly added some dimension. Overall two fun and memorable pages.


Friday Scrap Deal

Today's Friday deal is at our local Joann, you get a 40% off one regular priced item, which if you are like me works quite well if you use the same coupon at several Joann. If you head on over to our Simple, Easy, Creative Scrapbooking store you will also find the Making Memories Eyelets 100pk for just $2.34 what a bargain, there is a couple to choose from so splurge! Click on the link to go there now! These Deals run till May 1st.


Random Picture #1

Saturday, April 24, 2010

This is a new segment of my blog I am starting! Random pictures! Could be of anything really, here is one of them! Try to find the cutest little fish in that net!


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Friday, April 23, 2010

So I was watching the Martha Stewart show and there was a guest who shared her relatively peculiar way of scrapbooking, she did scrapboxes! So you must be wondering what is this? Well to me its the next big thing in scrapbooking. You use either a shadow box, or a deep frame and make a scrap page but you are able to add larger embellishments and 3D objects. It is fairly easy, the only hard part is actually finding the boxes but once you find it you are good. I found one at my local Michaels on clearence. It was actually 7.00 dollars from the original 30.00 price. So i got quite a deal. I added some Prima leaves, very beautiful actually.

Pretty much this scrapbox was dedicated to my friends, I hope to make more and make a wall collage of these. Till next time!


New Site Logo!

I've been working for like 3 hours now working on a new logo for my blog and here it is finally! Hope you guys like it! Also don't forget to visit my scrapstore click in the right to visit and see all the wonderful items there!


The Simple, Easy, Creative Scrapbooking ScrapStore!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I am currently working on making a scrapstore linked from Amazon! Here you will find a lot of the products I use and will be able to order directly from my scrapstore! I will keep you updated with this!

Have a great Thursday!


Lucy's Trip to San Francisco

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My best friend and future co-author of this blog recently went on a trip to San Francisco! She had an amazing time visited a couple of great local attractions including the Golden Gate Bridge which is an amazing sight!, the Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory, and Alcatraz! Her pictures were amazing! So as an avid scrapbooker we did some pages and here they are for her to share! Soon she will be posting herself too as soon as she gets her new laptop so do keep checking back with us in the growing community of scrapbookers!


P.S: If you wish to become a co-author of this blog simply email me at for more info!

Friday Scrap Deal

This week our local Michaels has a great promotion, they have a 25% off coupon on their website which you can use for your entire purchase including sale items! It's a great chance to go seek out any clearence scrap stuff you can find! Click on the link to go there!


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Become a Simple, Easy, Creative Scrapbooking Blogger!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

If you wish to write or post on my blog email me at! I will invite you and you too can post your pages and ideas for the world to see!


Video Scrapcast 1!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Here is my first video podcast hope u guys like it!



I recently started testing out video podcasting. I made this page with that purpose. However it is a picture I always had wanted to make a page for. Its one of those days at Disney's California Adventure. I am so glad I invested money in my annual pass it really pays off. I find that most of my nice pictures come from Disneyland. I used some new material in this page, I added some paper ribbon. I found it at Michaels for fifty cents and it so happens to be gold. I love it. I also added a lot of copper embellishments and added some 3d effects. The simplify banner came from cricut.

Thanks for looking a video podcast will be on soon!


Absolutely Gorgeous

Took this picture of my little man on Wednesday thought I would share it with all you. He looks absolutely precious. I always tell him that he is so photogenic. I am not I always have to take like 25 shots before 1 comes out good. Anyway I wish I could scrapbook this picture its such a keeper! Love my little Warmy.


Friday Deal

Monday, April 12, 2010

Today and this week's Friday deal is at our local Michaels once again where you will find all the paper 5 for $1, most of which was originally .60 cents! Also if you head over to their website you can get a couple of coupons if you craft more than just scrapbooking! They have candle coupons, coupons for artists etc. Also of note I got this page that was originally $1.29 for 27 cents so if you are at your local Michaels make sure to grab one it has vellum on the tree and is a beutiful page to add to any collection. Also Joannes has a similar 5 for $1 special although I find their paper to be relatively cheap quality so just be aware of that. Until next time!

Follow the link!

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Lucy's Birthday Page!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Just a fun page I made as a gift for my besty Lucy!! I'm glad she liked it as much as I liked making it! Used really fun elements kind of carnival style because it was her 23rd Birthday! I added some cricut accents but I used some colorful paper to go with the page. I love how they raise up with those 3d foamies very useful. Until next time!

- Frank

Lucy Scrapping with Me!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Me and my best friend Lucy were scrapping a couple of days ago so much fun! Today is her Birthday and I wanted to wish her a very Happy Birthday! I hope she has a wonderful day! I love you hun!

So improvised haha!

I also wanted to put a picture of my doggy Jerry, such a cute menace!

Will update soon.


Adhesive Review

Sunday, April 4, 2010

There are lots of adhesives out there to use I personally have used a couple and will review some here to help in your selection:

  • Martha Stewart Crafts Glue:Art & Craft Glue (4Oz) (Martha Stewart)
I find that this is the best glue I have ever used, I love it I like the feel of it, its not toxic and a great value just $3.00 and if you get a coupon maybe less. Its great for paper, card stock, some plastics and some fabric. I haven't tried metal but this one works quite well. The only down side it wont stick metallic or regular ribbon I've tried. Verdict: A
  • Ballpoint Tip Glue Martha Stewart Crafts: Ballpoint Tip Glue Pen (Martha Stewart)
I love the preciseness of this one, its great for those small edges or if you just need a fine line of glue. The bad part is that at times the point may break if used improperly and this can cause the glue to ooze out so not that precise anymore. Verdict: B-
  • Martha Stewart Crafts Glittering Glue: Glittering Glue (2Oz) (Martha Stewart)
I bought this one because I love glittering, however the only good thing about this one is the rather fine applicator. Other than that you are getting the SAME glue than the regular first glue I reviewed. I sometimes get annoyed when the glue dries in the applicator its hard to clean out. Just buy the regular Martha Glue. Verdict: D
  • Glittering Glue with Brush Applicator Martha Stewart Crafts: Glittering Glue With Brush Applicator (4Oz) (Martha Stewart)
More of the same. Just a huge brush to apply to bigger craft projects. Verdict B ( Only needed if you are glittering big objects).
  • Glue Dots: Glue Dots Glue Dots 1/2 Inch Removable Dots, 200 Clear Dots/Roll
I hate these they are so hard to remove, although it says "removable" and so hard to use. Once on they are hard to manage and lose their stickiness quickly. Verdict: F

  • Foam Dots: Ek Success 3-D Dots Adhesive Foam, White Circles
Pricey, but worth it if you are trying to raise an embellishment or picture and make it look dimensional. Verdict: C
  • Spray Glue: Elmer's Craftbond 11-Ounce Spray Glue Adhesive
Smells bad, gets everywhere, and hard to use. Talk about pricey. No thanks. Verdict: F-

Hope this was helpful, remember these are my opinions maybe some of these wont work for you just try them and see how they work for you. If you have some more to add comment below!



I love this page, since that day I got that cricut cartridge for $14.99 I knew it was a great investment. So I decided to scrapbook today, the day of the earthquake I hope everyone is well. So this page was made with simple accents I really saw it as a natural page. I first cut explore from the new cartridge and a couple of birds, I added some coarse glitter to the birds to add some detail, added some branches, I had fun with this one. This was a day when me and Warmy went to Disney's California Adventure Park and watched A Bugs Life. Quite a show. Anyway till next time friends!

Provo Craft Cricut Solutions Home Decor Shape Cartridge

Friday Scrap Deal

This week we have a great deal at our local Michaels! They have their customer appreciation week April 5- April 10. You can go to and print your 50% coupon and go stock up on great deals. There are some great K&Company products that are new, including paper and embellishments by Tim Coffey.

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