Its Fun to be....22!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

This page was totally inspired by the fact that it is fun to be 22! Or in fact to be of any age! I cut some numbers out to make this page sort of a riddle. The numbers are sort of a mystery entailing how old the birthday boy was! I then added a ruler as a symbol of measuring the years, and circled the # 22 which is quite funny because the ruler starts at 1 and then goes to 22! I added some rub ons to the numbers to give a sense of growth that is why i chose the floral pattern on the numbers. I then added some floral ribbon to add some softness to the crudeness of the ruler. Overall a great page and a great time!!

Thanks for looking!


Warmy's 22nd Birthday Page 1

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This is the first page from Warmy's 22'nd Birthday! I really thought a lot on how I would do this. I wanted to go for a vintage look. I started off with using some tissue paper from one of his gifts he lost at the restaurant. I know its pretty sad, but its a reminder, a memory. I then used some dice, ripped a part of the page to include some numbers which symbolize my friends. I did add some metal elements. I added a Tim Holtz safety pin that says memoirs. Buca is such a traditional Italian place. I also added a very old penny. Some elements to keep it going.
Hope you like! Till next time!


Choosing The Right Scrapbook

Choosing the right scrapbook can either be easy or hard. I know that for many of us money is a factor that really plays a big role as to what we choose. However, with some wise selections and choices we can always get great looking scrapbooks at affordable prices. There are several different choices:

  • Post-Bound: these are the scrapbooks I typically use, since they have screws and page protectors, the beauty of this is you can always add more pages to it. They come in different designs. Typically a 12x12 size should be fine.
  • 3 Ring Binder: This one I truly must say works great. One of my pakistani friends has her entire pregnancy on one and it works great. It is easy to find sheet protectors, and paper is inexpensive in this size of binder. 
  • Book-Bound: These scrapbooks have a book-like look. They really look like books. In essence these are glued, and the downside is that if you put too many embellishments you might end up having loose pages. These can be useful for family or heritage scrapbooks however.
  • Other: other scrapbooks include home-made ones, or some made with ribbon that hold the pages together. They can be as unique as you want, and you can make them truly yours.
  • Size: Usually scrapbooks come in 12x12, 81/2x11 or 8x8 sizes but you can make them yourself. I have seen giant Martha Stewart Scrapbooks that are the size of a poster.

These are only 2 examples of the ones I use. I will post some more later! Share your scrapbook 101 ideas with us!

 Normal 12x12

Somewhat of a new design, has two doors and a latch

Some detail

One more tip! Always remember to date your scrapbooks, I sometimes find myself pondering on how long its been since I started mine.

Just finished my first page from Warmy's 22'nd birthday, as you all know a very important date I wanted to do something vintage looking. I will post later on today. Now it's time to rest the old noggin.

Pumpkin Picking 2009

Monday, January 25, 2010

October is my favorite month not only because of my Birthday but because of pumpkin pie, pumpkin carving, but of course pumpkin picking! I decided to go pumpkin picking on this particular day in 2009, however i stopped to take this picture and decided to take a picture of him.
Details of the embellishments:
I actually used some rolled paper from the shipment from Radioshack. Quite frankly it worked well. I used some fall ribbon and placed some fall strip of paper under it. The journaling says " Prettiest pumpkin in the patch."

Welcome to my Scrapblog

Welcome to my first post on my Scrapblog! I will start my first post by welcoming you to my page. As this is my first post I will say that I will be working hard and trying to post as much and as often as possible. Comment as much as you like!

This particular page I called chopsticks. I first of all used a 12x12 cardboard piece, and used some rub-ons for the lettering. I then used the actual chopsticks as accents and added some buttons that lean against them, with some pearl stickers. The fans are from Martha Stewart Crafts.

Close up of details.

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